Daddy Day Care Week – a week in review

First time I have the pleasure of rearing the ViviBear for a whole week sine assistance from MommyMD or my mommy. I did 2 days without significant mishaps (aside from forgetting to feed her once). What can I say she was having too much fun with me that time. Eitherway, I figured I’d do I live (pseudo live) blog as the day progresses. It wont make much of a difference since I dont think there is anyone who frequents this site outside of me sharing my posts on fbook or google+.

Day 6 and 7: I’ve more or less reverted back to sleeping in on weekends and having MommyMD do the morning routine. What a draining week. So much energy. soo much energy in this young one. Either that or I am getting old. Now back to the working world.

Day 5:

730AM: up before the Vivi. Woke her up, took her to the pot. Poo in pot. feed 6oz. play.

1040AM: took about 30 min of fighting, but got her to go to sleep.

1120AM: wake up, pee in toilet. 6 oz in. some nasty spinach baby food thing. Poo in Toilet. Off to meet aunties Joyce/Holly and uncle Helios for lunch a Nicola (Italian lunch buffet in UA, pretty good).

200PM: off to the office to do some paperwork and check mail box. Get Vivi exposed to some bugs to inoculate her immune system (just kidding mommy, I kept her clean). Slept in car on way down and up.

400PM: 8 oz in, more nasty spinach stuff. Poo in toilet. Commence slap happy time. Not sure what is up with the constant raspberries these days


530PM: handoff to MommyMD

Day 4:

730AM: argh i hate poop diapers. 7 oz in. some spaghetti/tom/bef an 2oz h20,

900am Gastrocolic reflex works w/a poo and pee in the pot.

1030AM: ViviBear seems to get really slap happy when she is tired. Lets not forget the cranky part too. Down for the count and asleep.

1140AM: Rise and shine!

1200PM feed the bear 6oz and some spaghetti/meat/tomato.

100PM: ComboBear Vet visit. Talk about one difficult task have the Combo and ViviBear.

A Dog, Bear and Penguin walk into a Vet office...

200PM: Aunt Lindsay visits with Baby Andrew:)

Lindsay and Andrew
Lindsay and Andrew

400PM: 4 oz in,  spaghetti/meat/tomato. Auntie Holly comes visit. Poopie and peepee in toilet. :)

600PM: MommyMD is back. ViviBear is in rare form.

Day 3:

720AM: freak’n A, poo in the diaper. mommyMD wont be happy with this transgression in potty use. 7oz down. some Beef and Vegies. now time to play.

1050PM: Nap time. fairly effortless this time.

1120PM rises from hibernation, consumes 8oz and remainder of beef veggie with difficulty

1210pm: poop in the toilet. w00t!

1225PM: mommyMD returns. okay was not her. Combo was barking randomly.

200PM: 9month checkup at the Doctor’s office. Mommy Meets us, mommy takes it from here.

630PM: Mommy naps; bath routine starts. Pees in toilet. ummm.. I think I was her head first then down (mommyMD’s method). meh, good enough, moisturized, burt’s beez on the butt. Jammies on.


Day 2: Wakes up 730am: Poo in the diaper>.< didnt wake up fast enough to the wales of the ViviBear. Intakes 6oz formula and ingests Beef and Veggie baby food.

900am: Play Date with Noel and Auntie Stella. Battle in Arena is fought and lost by ViviBear, video to come.

aftermath interview:

1100am: Slumber befalls the ViviBear

1230PM the ViviBear rises. More Poo in the diaper. missed yet another potty break

1250PM: 6oz sustenance obtained by ViviBear

350PM: 4 oz consumed.

523PM: I keep missing the after dinner potty break, another poo diaper.

600PM: ViviBear falls asleep in my arms.

Asleep in my arms
The Bear cant fight sleep

650PM: Handoff to MommyMD

Day 1

730am Morning routine done: Poo/pee in the toilet; 6oz of formula down. a few puffs which was shared with the Dog.

Continued play in the Arena.

1100am: ViviBear proceeded to eat her hand continuously; 2 oz formula substituted for hand. After much fighting, sleep was victorious, and she was set back in the babycage  (not really a cage, come on. it’s the crib)

1140am: Combo wakes her up with her barking>.<

1200pm: After much friction, Lasgna was fed and 5 oz formula was infused orally. Now happy in the Arena.

200pm: after watching me eat fish sticks and iron my laundry; I guess I didnt have her sit on the pot long enough after lunch. stanky poo diaper!

3pm: daddy ViviBear outing: went to Polaris, walked around, fed her: 6oz Forumla. met mommy for dinner at PeiWei

6pm mommy takes over

-to be continued


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