Strawberry Guava

I grew this one from a seed. It is about 6 years old.

Pineapple Guava

Bought this one from the local Oakland Nursery, which appears to have obtained it originally from Pine Island Nursery in Florida. It was ready to flower when I bought it in the early summer, and actually bore great tasting Guavas! I took some of the seeds and am currently trying to grow some seedlings.

I am not sure if it came infected (probably not), but I have had an issue with soft scale insects yet again. I have been trying to wipe it down with ethyl alcohol daily to rid myself of the scale. From my past experience I have learned that I will unlikely cure the plant of scale, but I can definitely control it. It’s also most likely all my plants in the basement are already infected with scale as well, which is why I keep my prized plants [Mango #6 and Coffee Plant] upstairs (unfortunately away from the grow light). They do get good natural light.


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