Plants: Tropical to Carnivorous

One of the best resources out there for Tropical plants, well any type of vegetation is the Gardenweb forums.

Tropical Plants


Mango #5
my baby (free of mites/scale/fungi)

As a little boy I remember going back to Taiwan to my grandmother’s house. There she has this large mango tree. We would pick it and eat the mangos. I always loved mangos. I’ve tried to grow them from seeds ni the past, but whenever I planted them into the gound, nothign ever came up.

After an interlude, while in college, I finally decided to take a nother stab at growing mangos, but this time I had a revelation. I figured someone else must have tried to grow mangos already. There must be some information online.

Apparently the seed/pit that you first see after you eat a mango is a husk. The actual seed is inside, so you have to peel it off.



Strawberry Guava

I currently have two different varieties of Guava plants. The one pictured is the one I grew from a seed I purchased from eBay. I am pretty sure it is a Strawberry Guava. It is about 6-7 years old now (I think). I started growing it in my apartment down in medical school. This past year (2011) it actually bore fruit! It flowered every now and then, but would never fruit. I don’t know if it is because I bought a Pineapple Guava from Oakland Nursery this year. That one was a more mature plant and also fruited this past year. Rather tastey fruit might I add.







Musa Basjoo
Dwarf Banana Plant

Dwarf Lime/Lemon/Tangerine/Orange

finally my efforts bore fruit, literally







I tried my hand with these beauties to help fend off the fungus gnat problem from all the vegetation from my indoor greenhouse

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