Some times I wonder if I am bipolar. I really hope not, but I go through phases where I have these great ideas, thus leading to me starting projects. Typically these projects results in hours of research online, then purchasing parts to accomplish my projects, which may result in me quitting half way, or having a final product that does not look anything like what I invisioned. Sometimes things may workout.

Things that did not work out:

DDR Pad: All was ready to solder and go, but I gave up (afraid it wouldn’t work, and the DDR fad was over.) I based my design on the guide here. I started this project while in undergrad, and now it sits unfinished in my parents basement.

Fixing Motorcycle Faring: Bought materials and never followed through. Ended up selling the bike.

DIY Aluminum Casting Side Strakes for Mazda RX-8: Didnt turn out as planned. I tried to do this since I had access to a foundry when I was studying Material Science Engineering in grad school.

Basement Finishing – somewhat worked out


Current Active Projects/Completed

Indoor Koi Pond

Pond running for 3 months

Tropical Plant Nursery

finally my efforts bore fruit, literally



Custom 105″ Projector Screen

I made mine based on the guide from Projector Central

homemade projector screen

Custom Projector Mount

based on the guide provided by Monkey_Man on from the AVSforum

Projector with Custom Mount



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