2 Months Old
The Clones nap
The Clones Nap

I’ve already posted this once on facebook and I think google+, but I will do it yet again. When the ViviBear first came out, she looked like any other wrinkly baby I suppose, but as she soon filled up within the next day, it was obvious who the father was (both thumbs up and at me). Let me tell you now that one of the babies here is Vivienne, and the other one is Moi. You could say all babies look alike anyway, then again you could say all Asians look alike; either way, I’d have to say there is definitely a resemblance.

A lot of people do admit that we share many features now, not just the baby features. Namely the small eyes I suppose, and not all Asians have small eyes. I happen to be in the group that does. My buddy Clement was pleading for a while for me to post comparison photos, so I did.

Here is another:

2 Months Old

It should be obvious from the quality 0f the image which is who, but I definitely believe one is cuter. As the years progress I may post some additional comparisons. It may be difficult once she starts wearing dresses though. As it is, when she has a headband on, I can see the resemblance drifting, but I can put on a headband too!

O the joys of having a clone!

Welcome to the Haughtypenguin Blog

This is probably the 3 iteration of my custom personal blog. I started out with Xanga, tried blogger, did the myspace/friendster thing, went to facebook, tried to go to google+, still using facebook more. Now here we are again. Lets try out wordpress this time.

I am torn with using a custom online journal, since a quandary is how private I want my thoughts. Easiest way to keep the thoughts private enough from the general public is to not publicly blog at all. Alas, I like to share my thoughts with those I consider friends (whether they care to read them or not). So one would think, go ahead and blog. Leave out personal identifying information (dont link your facebook/google+ etc…). Well I did link it. We shall see what happens. I can always deny that I own this blog. Maybe I should stick with the Alias: Jhu Soo Bahk, D.O. I could also just make this private so people that really want to read what I have to say can sign up. Not sure if I want to do that because then no one will ready my rants.

What do I want to do with this? Well my grand scheme is to have a plethera of content from vlogs to blogs.

We shall see if this actually occurs. I mean I purchased this domain name/hosting ( for the past… 10 years now? Have not done much with it, aside from using the webserver to host files that I need. I suppose that was useful. Costly. Unnecessary.  Meh.

Well into the foray of blogging once again.