The Perfect Holiday Gift – wtf to buy her?


Buying gifts for “the boss” is on of the most difficult things for me to do. I either will face a “take it back,” “this is stupid,” or she will end up not using it or caring for it. I’ve gone as far as finding out what her ebay user and pswd is to look at items she is “watching” and to perusing what is on her amazon “saved” cart or wish list. Well I tell you there is nothing on there worth while now. In the past when I did use the ebay scheme, I ended up buying something … wel that she never wore. It was this necklace/chocker type deal. She wanted to use the wire choker to hang a pendant or something off of, so genius that I am, bought one from ebay. Only problem was it had all this crap (rings) hanging off it, so I removed each link one at a time from the necklace. After all that work, I found out she didnt really even want it, and I probably coud have bought a metal choker cheaper, and I would not have had to take it apart. To date, I dont remember seeing her ever wear it.

So things not to get: (from my experience) jewlry, clothes, electronics. I would have to say she is likely the most difficult person to shop for. I am probably better off getting a Gift Card for from Giant Eagle. That way I at least get “fuel perks” and save money on gas. Then she can get whatever she wants. She will likely buy something for ViviBear.

I did end up buying an XBoX 360 with Kinect thinking she will really like the dancing game. so far it is partiallly true, but she has not played it much to date. I guess that shoud be considered the gift! Not like I play it that much (I dont play video games much anymore anyway).

O, I did consider getting this Penguin Onsie for Adults. Yes I am the one who like penguins, but it would be cute to see Vivibear and Mommy wear a onsie with penguins!

The clock is ticking…