Computers, CMS/WebPages etc

There are a few things computer related/software related/web related that I utilize a lot, and figure I could share it with the meager viewers that I have. A lot of this information I will have obtained/utilized from other sources, and will give as much credit as possible. I figure I will post my own walkthrough/ tutorials in case some of these sites or information ever get taken down for whatever reason.


Web Pages/Content Management Systems

Drupal Upgrading – I rely on this each time I need to upgrade, especially since I can never remember what to do without mucking up my sites. Drupal

Word Press – Great to make webpages and for personal blogging. I would have used this to make my other websites, because you can easily upgrade within the admin pages online. You dont have to download/upload delete and add thigns as you do with Drupal.  If you dont want to host your own WP page, you can just sign up for their free accounts.


NAS/Media Servers/Home Automation

OpenMediaVault – Network Attached Storage based on Debian Linux – Currently using this and it is very stable.

FreeNAS – Network Attached Storage Solution based on BSD – Works well. Used to use this but always had stability issues.  It might have been my hardware, but since I switched to OpenMedia Vault, I’ve had no problems.

LinuxMCE – Home Media Server and Automation

Heyu – Home automation – still trying to figure out how this works


Software (OS, Graphics, Video Editing)

Ubuntu – Great Operating system since it’s… FREE! I almost made a switch from Windows, but there is always something that I need to use windows with.

Gimp – The best Free/Opensource photo editing software available. Comparable to Photoshop, but it’s free.

LibreOffice – Opensource productivity suite. Great replacement to MS Office, especially since it is FREE. I love MS Office, and it works well, but I hate paying for it. Includes Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word processing, Database, Diagram/drawing, equations

Google Docs – Great Cloud Productivity Suite. Now I do all presentations on Google Docs, since I can access it everywhere (since it is online)

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