PENGUIN [license plate] spotting

Penguin Plate
Penguin Plate

So ”the boss” calls me this morning and informs me that she was sitting behind the person who has the ”PENGUIN” license plate in traffic today. Ever since I was 8 years old, I wanted that plate. I was at the bmv and they had this computer that could check plate availability. PENGUIN was available then. When I could finally drive at 16 they pate was still available I think, but my parents would never approve spending the extra
money for vanity plates.

When I finally had my own car, I took the opportunity to get the vanity plates. Alas PENGUIN was no longer available.

Well at least now I know that the PENGUIN is out there somewhere. I will be checking yearly until it becomes available. It WILL be mine one day.

Until then I will keep my current plate, which I guess would be unwise to post publicly.