ViviBear Milestone: Potty in the toilet (by herself), and Juliette is a poo machine (fun fact)

Chamber Pot

First off, what is potty? I never liked that term. I remember in preschool people used the term “potty”. I was like, wtf is that? I always knew it as going to the bathroom (in english at least). Then in 2nd grade, this one blonde chic Paige Patacky (sp) kept saying “I need to go potty”. I just let it go, and never used the term, well until ViviBear came along.

Maybe kids associate better with the term “Potty” rater than “Urinate/defecate” or “go to the bathroom”. Maybe it’s just me. Of course I figure the term derives from the good ol’chamber pot. Well according to Wikipedia, that is where it is from. It took me all these years to actually google that.

On that note, I am happy to say that today 10/9/2013 ViviBear stated “I NEED TO PEE PEE”, ran to the bathroom. As I followed her as per routine, she stuck her hand out and commanded “STOP! I do.” She proceeded to take pants and diaper off, then climbed onto the toilet. Drained that bladder. took a piece of TP and wiped. Flushed. Then proceeded to climb on the sink to wash her hands. Obviously she will need some more help in the meantime, but not bad I’d say. I wouldn’t really say she is potty trained, but this is a first for me to see her do all those steps independently.

Penguin Poop Seat
Penguins Pot Topper

Many people have differing opinions regarding potty training, i.e. when the appropriate age to start is, and how to go about doing the training. As in an earlier post: Initially we are not really potty training, more just saving diapers

Grandma really started things with having ViviBear piddle in the sink or while holding her over a toilet when she was an infant around 5-6 months old. We also would use this penguin toilet cover that would sing. We got it as a baby shower gift, but of course I added it to our registry since it is a penguin.

Bombs in the Baby Bjorn
We also have this great Baby Bjorn mini potty, that she really got into using. It was always easier to figure when she would need to poo vs pee. Over the past year, I thnk she may have had only one or two poop diapers. You go Vivi. You will love this post when you are in highschool:-)
Once around 1.5-2 years old and we were more serious about trying to potty train, and MommyMD purchased these toilet steps (Little Looster’s Looster Booster from to make it easier for ViviBear to use the toilet
Little Looster's Looster Booster,
Little Looster’s Looster Booster,

We also use a different topper now (a baby bjorn. for some reason MommyMD didnt like the penguins one). ViviBear actually can climb up and situate her on a regular toilet seat without falling in, and proceed with dropping #1 or #2.

Now climbing up the sink to wash her hands is cool and all, but this scares me. She has become more resourceful and daring. She is dragging her kiddie chairs and placing them next to a counter to climb up to the kitchen sink or dining table. Obviously this reinforces the fact that she needs to be in eyes view at all times. Who know what she is going to get into. Hmmm… now this is getting me to get more paranoid and think of the potential dangers. ack.

So back to “pottying.” I was fully expecting the “regression” to occur with the introduction of Juliette, but Vivienne has been doing an amazing job as the “Big Sis.” She is very gentle with Juliette, and is always concerned when she is crying. It’s rather cute. Speaking of Juliette, holy crap. rather, just CRAP. she poops a lot. I forgot how much a little baby can poop. She eats, she poops. Maybe falls asleep, but when you change her, she has a FIT. Then the only way to calm her down is shoving a boobie in her mouth (or a bottle). Then you repeat the process, because she will inevitably poop again. Props to MommyMD for taking this like a champ. I am trying to help out, but I know I could be changing a few more diapers. At least I am changing ViviBear’s diapers.

Enough of this ADD-style blogging. My Paternity leave ends tonight. Off to bed I go. ViviBear and Julietter, please sleep well tonight.

The Aftermath: @ home

10/5/13, 300am


35 hrs in: Juliette is crying her head off. As people tell me when you have two kids you play man2man vs done defense.
I figured I would be managing ViviBear. Stay out of MommyMd‘s way and let her do the mommy infant thing. Sleep outside ViviBear’s room so I don’t have to wait up every hour… Wait. I probably could be helping mommy some how.

This newborn thing is throwing me off. Had not needed to clean a poppy diaper in many months now. ViviBear usually plops in the toilet (for the past year plus). On top of that, what’s with the crying when I change your diaper doode…

Now I can’t sleep and I am writing this. I think I got poop on my thumb…

Realization. If I had a boob shoved in my mouth, is stop crying too.


After waking up (me that is) once or twice, I am amazed ViviBear slept through most of the night. Props to MommyMD that has to be the one that wakes up and shoves her udder into those chompers. No doubt, despite all the tiredness/sleeplessness… this is nothing compared to what the mother of bears had to do before/during/now and later. I still hold the right to wine/moan and search for pitty points.

on another note, since the pushing is over, am I still obligated to find a “Push Gift?”

With a cup of coffee in hand, it is time to take the ViviBear along to run errands. Need hand sanitizer, new formula and… Blanking.

Just got done with my morning errands after forgetting multiple times why I was there and what I was buying and it being distracted with buying other things I was not supposed to buy

what I was supposed to buy and also what I ended up buying

Can you tell which side is the stuff I am supposed to by versus the stuff I stuff into the cart along the way?

I mean I need more pumpkins. I’ve always had a penchant for pumpkins (not as much as penguins). Something about finding a perfectly round pumpkin. Anyway there is another larger one not pictured.

Not sure how but this trip cost 85$ at Kroger.

mmmmm apple sauce packets
mmmmmm donuts

As baby Juliette Slumbers, MommyMD gets to eat sashimi for the first time in 9 months.

Long deserved sashimi intake

Now it is time to sanitize the bottles. MommyMD had them stored away for a while. I think they were boiled prior to being stored, but why not

time to disinfect
Bottle stew

This reminds me of the beer bottle sensitization step. Still have that bag-full to soup up. Now there is a large rack of baby bottles being dried, and of course ViviBear wants to use them.  We were afraid this would happen but so far she has taken it well that she “is no longer a baby and is a big girl now.”

I do remember growing up that whenever my brother got a gift for his birthday I would always be a little sad as well, since I didn’t get anything. This is definitely going to be an issue with ViviBear (and probably Juliette).

I don’t know how feasible it is to always buy them each something when the time comes, like the “gift” Juliette got Vivi on her home coming:-)



Grandparents finally got the TdAP and Flu Shot, and were able to come meet the new Granddaughter Juliette


Still very tired. Not a whole lot going on really.

It was nice that Grandparents were able to get the TdAP and Flu shot. Being born in October heading right into Flu Season, MommyMD was very adamant about any visitors being UTD on shots. Nothing sucks like a <2month old with a fever. Auto Admit/Lumbar Puncture. Here’s to hoping we have an uneventful winter.

Welcome Juliette!

“welcome baby Juliette!”


hello world 

on 10/3/13

Weighing in @ 7 lbs 12.3oz
Noggin size 13.5″ head circ
measuring   Length 20 3/4″ (corrected)
@ 431pm

May I present to you for the very first time:

Juliette Shinhui Tsai



See the whole play-by-play unfold here

Another day another penguin, but not just any penguin

Why hello blog, it has been a long time indeed.

baby penguin day!

SO today is a special day, it is the day I start to grow a few more grey hairs. The day that Vivienne becomes as BIG SISTER!!! It will be (ideally) Juliette Shinhui Tsai’s birthday. We anticipate seeing her sometime today. I will continue to update this blog (probably not in real time).

So the first thing I do when I woke up at 530am was try to figure out: what do I wear on this special occassion? The first time around with ViviBear, I was too preoccupied with the thought “holy crap, I will be a dad!” I wanted to make sure I had something suitable for the day, and this is what I came up with—>

Combo has no idea what is coming
Combo has no idea what is coming

 Poor Combo has no idea what she has instore for her. First time she met ViviBear she didnt really know what to do with her.

Now she will have two bears to runaway from.


What’s in a name?

We decided a couple months ago to name the next penguin Juliette. After toiling with many different names, we wanted to choose a name that was elegant, and that reminded us of someone that we would be happy to relate with. I can only hope our Juliette will be as smart and successful:-)

MommyMD and I actually had a hard time agreeing with a name. I still think Penelope Gwen would have worked well, or rather I wanted to name #1 Penelope and then #2 Gwen. If I was ever mad at them both, I could yell out PENGWEN COME HERE! Alas, no.

As for the Chinese name, we gave this honor to the grandparents to decide. The name would have to follow the “Generation name” which ViviBear kicked things off with “Shin”, “欣”. Not the “appropriate” romanization but. meh.

For Juliette,  my parents came up with Shin-Hui (欣慧) which means “happy wisdom”. I do hope this means she is smart.


710am: Just checked in. Apparently a busy day for preggo people. All the parking for expectant mothers was taken. Still no signs of a Juliette.

729am: in the lovely room.

the bed

I am trying very hard not to post updates on Facebook, hence I am back to my blog. Reason is MommyMD really does not want to announce to the world we are out of the home since that is inviting strangers to come raid our house. Luckily vivibear combobear and nanny are holding down the fort.
I figured random people do not tend to read my blog these days so I think I am safe to update here for now.

734a: patient hides in bed

No photos!

750a: still no baby

805a: 4cm!… Just 4…

BIG SIS: sleepy bear

Looks like vivibear is still asleep. She’s been excited for her baby sister. I wonder if she even knows what that is. Well find out soon:)

900a: Pitocin started

The squeeze juice

1048a: popping the balloon!!!!

I am not allowed to take a photo of this… so here is a reenactment



is it lunch time yet?

1138a: L4-L5, here we go. guess she is not going natural

104p: lunch was good. MommyMD had a popsicle. I had a Pizza:-)

252p: 6-7cm. Alrighty bets on the delivery hour. I am going to bet Juliette pops out yelling and screaming at 7pm.

305p: It has been a productive day. Went over some labs from work, as well as refill requests and signed off on documents. Updated some websites for the HOA, Practice Website, and of course this one. Catch up on emails. (all while MommyMD is going through her Epidural). Was I supposed to be the one holding her hand vs the nurses? She took it like a champ anyway:) Had to redo the epidural unfortunately since it seemed once side didn’t want to take.

looks reactive to me.


3:39p: normal sinus, no ST changes, normal r-wave. hmm no r-waves, is this lead I or II? where are the rest of the leads? How am I supposed to determine the axis without other leads?

wait… it’s not an EKG




Here is an image of the heating thingy BEFORE it is occupied by it’s future transient tenant.


350p: fully dilated!! Apparently the floor is full of preggos that are in the midst of delivering. Oo lady next door for a s crowning. MommyMD needs to labor down otherwise I may have to resort to my extensive OBGYN training from residency!!!

ready for the bloody mess

416p: Omg they are pulling out the blue blood smegma floor catchers. I think it is inevitable. It seems so nonchalant in this room. Ooo doc is here. I think it is happening. This is it. Updates later.

424p: A scalp!!!!!

A lot of hair
Nuchal Chord but she is OK!

weighing in at 7 lbs 12.3oz
arriving at 10/3/13, 430p
measuring 13.5″ head circ
with a span of 20 3/4″ Length (corrected)

May I present to you for the very first time:

Juliette Shinhui Tsai



“do I look fat?”
“where is my womb!?”
“hello world!”

 “time for your checkup”

600p: Finally I get to hold her

daddy finally gets to hold you


904p: Vivienne comes to visit and meet Juliette

“Hi Juliette meimei”





Gummi Bears to Peanuts: The next step

What does a gummi bear and Peanut have in common?

What came first. The peanut or the baby?
What came first. The peanut or the baby?

They both appear to have been in the womb of my BabyMama MommyMD. With much hesitancy (not from my standpoint), I am proud to announce that MommyMD finally ate one peanut too many! It seems one has lodged inside her womb.

10 Week US
Ultrasound almost 10 weeks


It’s scary to think that it was about over 2 years ago when this process first started with the ViviBear.

ViviBear 2010

I first found out about the Peanut when I came back from my brother’s bachelor party in Las Vegas in early Feb. For those that know me, tt has been difficult to keep it on the DL. Of course it did let slip to one or two people.

I remember when I first found out the ViviBear journey was underway, which  was an exciting and frightening. I… was going to be a dad! Again, I get to repeat those those feelings of excitement and apprehension, but I am already a dad. now… I will be a dad with a 2.5 year old and a newborn, going through the crying and poop diapers again. I must say I miss the neonate/baby days where they are so tiny that they cant crawl yet. All they do is lay there. Then start to roll around. Then start to crawl… It’s exciting to see each developmental milestone met. Then I think about how ViviBear can be such a bear at times… I will have two of them crawling on me, yelling, crying at me and wanting to play… as exhausting as I know it will be, it is putting a smile on my face as I type this.

Now the next question is whether ViviBear will have a baby brother or baby sister.

Hear we go… updates to come:)

Growing up so fast… to be a couch potato?

Lounging with mommy's PB and J
Lounging with mommy's PB and J
mmmm, Mommy’s PB and J

I fear the things to come… MommyMD and Vivi were upstairs in the Arena. I came up to see what they were doing, and I see mommy passed out on the ground and ViviBear lounging on the couch. Usually she would not sit so contently by herself. She usually is crawling all over MommyMD or trying to find a way to escape the Arena, or playing with her Toys. Instead, she was sitting on the couch, content. I notice her chopping way. Then I notice a PB and J sandwich in her left hand. This 1-year-old somehow was able to crawl/climb on to the couch, grab MommyMD’s PB and J sandwich, and sit there haughtily eating it. I asked Mommy, “why is Vivi on the couch?” with the reply: “what huh? OMG”.

Piglet and Piglet
ViviBear with her Twin

It appeared that Vivi was enjoying a snack, watching the screen saver on the monitor, while MommyBear slumbered below.

Turns out ViviBear had been utilizing her Piglet (a gift from Nai Nai) as a stepping stool to climb up. It is amazing to me how she has figured out how to manuever obstacles and manipulate her surroundings to her advantage. I’ve witnessed her slide/crawl off the bed and couches… I suppose this is abilities of a 1-year-old? I should know I suppose.

 I do fear what she will be doing next now. Before I know it she will be taking my car and driving off…

New baby Chariot *please dont actually do this*

Basket Chariot
Basket Chariot

***** disclaimer ********** it is my medical opinion to NOT carry your child in a laundry basket ***********

It is almost impossible to get anything done when the little ragamuffin is mobile. Luckily ViviBear is only crawling and cruising. I have no idea where the walking will get her. I can strap her down to her baby chairs but that is not very mobile. I could leave her in the playpen or the arena, but sooner or later she gets bored and starts to cry.
last night I was trying to brush my teeth I came across an epiphany to put ViviBear in the laundry basket. she seemed to enjoy it so I carted her around in it. I have tried this with combo before but she did not like it.
ViviBear just sits there in her chariot. maybe she actually is terrified but either way she stays there quietly and appears happy.

Traveling around the house:

At first it looked fun and great, but I knew things would go awry if she decided to stand up in the basket. For whatever reason the basket had a calming effect on her… for like 10 minutes. She started to try to stand up. I knew this would not work. No worries she did not hurt herself. I guess it is any fun means of transport, but it is not very effective. It makes it harder to carry this already heavy ViviBear, and just think if you lose your grip or trip and fall while they are in the basket. ack. You can check out the travels we did around the house today.

Basket in the Penguin Room
in the penguin room









Baking with me in the Kitchen
Baking tater tots and fish sticks with me in the Kitchen










by the pond
in a basket by the pond









Looking outside
"whats going on outside"









"what's going on and why does it smell in here"



I do NOT recommend carrying a baby in a laundry basket

Daddy Day Care Week – a week in review

Asleep in my arms

First time I have the pleasure of rearing the ViviBear for a whole week sine assistance from MommyMD or my mommy. I did 2 days without significant mishaps (aside from forgetting to feed her once). What can I say she was having too much fun with me that time. Eitherway, I figured I’d do I live (pseudo live) blog as the day progresses. It wont make much of a difference since I dont think there is anyone who frequents this site outside of me sharing my posts on fbook or google+.

Day 6 and 7: I’ve more or less reverted back to sleeping in on weekends and having MommyMD do the morning routine. What a draining week. So much energy. soo much energy in this young one. Either that or I am getting old. Now back to the working world.

Day 5:

730AM: up before the Vivi. Woke her up, took her to the pot. Poo in pot. feed 6oz. play.

1040AM: took about 30 min of fighting, but got her to go to sleep.

1120AM: wake up, pee in toilet. 6 oz in. some nasty spinach baby food thing. Poo in Toilet. Off to meet aunties Joyce/Holly and uncle Helios for lunch a Nicola (Italian lunch buffet in UA, pretty good).

200PM: off to the office to do some paperwork and check mail box. Get Vivi exposed to some bugs to inoculate her immune system (just kidding mommy, I kept her clean). Slept in car on way down and up.

400PM: 8 oz in, more nasty spinach stuff. Poo in toilet. Commence slap happy time. Not sure what is up with the constant raspberries these days


530PM: handoff to MommyMD

Day 4:

730AM: argh i hate poop diapers. 7 oz in. some spaghetti/tom/bef an 2oz h20,

900am Gastrocolic reflex works w/a poo and pee in the pot.

1030AM: ViviBear seems to get really slap happy when she is tired. Lets not forget the cranky part too. Down for the count and asleep.

1140AM: Rise and shine!

1200PM feed the bear 6oz and some spaghetti/meat/tomato.

100PM: ComboBear Vet visit. Talk about one difficult task have the Combo and ViviBear.

A Dog, Bear and Penguin walk into a Vet office...

200PM: Aunt Lindsay visits with Baby Andrew:)

Lindsay and Andrew
Lindsay and Andrew

400PM: 4 oz in,  spaghetti/meat/tomato. Auntie Holly comes visit. Poopie and peepee in toilet. :)

600PM: MommyMD is back. ViviBear is in rare form.

Day 3:

720AM: freak’n A, poo in the diaper. mommyMD wont be happy with this transgression in potty use. 7oz down. some Beef and Vegies. now time to play.

1050PM: Nap time. fairly effortless this time.

1120PM rises from hibernation, consumes 8oz and remainder of beef veggie with difficulty

1210pm: poop in the toilet. w00t!

1225PM: mommyMD returns. okay was not her. Combo was barking randomly.

200PM: 9month checkup at the Doctor’s office. Mommy Meets us, mommy takes it from here.

630PM: Mommy naps; bath routine starts. Pees in toilet. ummm.. I think I was her head first then down (mommyMD’s method). meh, good enough, moisturized, burt’s beez on the butt. Jammies on.


Day 2: Wakes up 730am: Poo in the diaper>.< didnt wake up fast enough to the wales of the ViviBear. Intakes 6oz formula and ingests Beef and Veggie baby food.

900am: Play Date with Noel and Auntie Stella. Battle in Arena is fought and lost by ViviBear, video to come.

aftermath interview:

1100am: Slumber befalls the ViviBear

1230PM the ViviBear rises. More Poo in the diaper. missed yet another potty break

1250PM: 6oz sustenance obtained by ViviBear

350PM: 4 oz consumed.

523PM: I keep missing the after dinner potty break, another poo diaper.

600PM: ViviBear falls asleep in my arms.

Asleep in my arms
The Bear cant fight sleep

650PM: Handoff to MommyMD

Day 1

730am Morning routine done: Poo/pee in the toilet; 6oz of formula down. a few puffs which was shared with the Dog.

Continued play in the Arena.

1100am: ViviBear proceeded to eat her hand continuously; 2 oz formula substituted for hand. After much fighting, sleep was victorious, and she was set back in the babycage  (not really a cage, come on. it’s the crib)

1140am: Combo wakes her up with her barking>.<

1200pm: After much friction, Lasgna was fed and 5 oz formula was infused orally. Now happy in the Arena.

200pm: after watching me eat fish sticks and iron my laundry; I guess I didnt have her sit on the pot long enough after lunch. stanky poo diaper!

3pm: daddy ViviBear outing: went to Polaris, walked around, fed her: 6oz Forumla. met mommy for dinner at PeiWei

6pm mommy takes over

-to be continued


Mr Mom

How Mommys Do it I do not know


Today I was blessed with the opportunity to watch Vivi the whole day by myself. I think this may be the first time. The other times I had the day off, GrandMa (my mommy) still came over to watch Vivi, while MommyMD went to work. Otherwise, I’d only be left alone for 1-2hrs most while MommyMD went off to do other stuff. I dont think she trusts me to handle her. HAH! Well I did it (so far) today, and will do so tomorrow and then for a whole week later on this month. I can just say, I can not wait for GrandMa to come back. Luckily for us GrandMa is gracious enough to offer her services to watch Vivi during the weekday. Not only does this save a butload on nanny/daycare, but she’s getting the best care around! I mean look at me! hmmm… maybe not the best example.

I digress.

ViviBear in the Carrier
Vivienne in the Carrier

I figured I’d take the opportunity to blog about this day as well. I was able to do the morning routine which consists of: Wake up, take her to the toilet (where she proceeded to plop #2 down), feed her the formula, then the baby food (which by the way she does not like raisin granola). Back to the toilet for any residual. Then to play. I was hoping she would take her morning nap, but the sleepy lids never came. Maybe she was having too much fun, who knows. I was able to get some cleaning done (take the the Xmas trees). but I had to carry her around in the Bjorn like carrier (it’s not a Baby Bjorn, but some other brand from japan).

It worked well and I got side track playing the PS3 in the basement. luckily she fell asleep on my back. I tried to put her in the crib to sleep afterward (this is aroudn 11am) but I woke her up and she was replenished with energy. Would not go back to sleep…

I figured I would just have to entertain her for the time being. I was trying to use the computer to write a few emails, but she was becoming rather unruley. She kept grabbing my hands to move them away so she could use the keyboard. It got to the point where I could do nothing, so I just set her on the ground. Down there she proceeded to climb all over the place and try to open all of Mom’s desk drawers. Well this is no good. I did not want to risk her little fingers getting smashed, so I had to place her in the playpen.



ViviBear in a Cage
ViviBear in a Cage

While caged up, she became rather vociferous. It’s actually amusing to see her try to climb out. Well she cant climb vertically very well yet, so she just rams her face into the mesh netting. It is rather comical, but sad at the same time. I finally decided to take her to the basement and sit her in the swing.

Out for the count
passed out

She seemed rather happy in the swing, and was giggling, so I took the opportunity to take another stab at playing video games. After about 10 minutes I looked back and she was passed out. She drooled all over her hand and her shirt as well. I was able to take her upstairs and into her crib. Finally she slept for about 20 minutes before waking up again and demanding the world.

Well. mom came home and started to interrogate me about the day and the adventures with the ViviBear. i.e. what time was her last meal, how much did she sleep. Apparently I forgot to give her 3-4pm feed. Slipped my mind somehow. I was so sure I did, but Mommy likes to keep a log of all naps, input and output from the ViviBear, and according to the log, I guess I did forget (woops). That might have been why she was getting unruley around this time.

Well tomorrow I get to do round 2. We shall see how that goes. I give mad props to all the stay at home moms and dads out there. Taking care of a child (while trying to do stuff around the house or anything else for that matter) is difficult to say the least. I would say is harder than any job I could imagine. I complain yet my efforts and accomplishments of today pale to comparison to Mommy, and GrandMa and likely to all other caretakers out there.

Vivi, I love you, but whoah you are one energetic and demanding baby.

Time for round 2. Right on track. Luckily Mommy is coming back earlier from work today. Did the morning routine already and actually got her to take her morning nap (just now 940am). Now lets see how much I can get done before she wakes up again, or will I get tangled in the world wide web. Lets hope I get something done.

Why o why do you not want to sleep?

The Book
Go the F*k to sleep

When I first heard about this book, I thought, wow that is clever. It is apparently written by a parent for parents. It was apparently was intended for a later release, but a leaked PDF gotout on the internet, and it became insanely popular, sovthey decided to release it earlier (so i have read online). I immediately wanted to buy the book, but couldn’t really justify the purchase. I ended up buying it for a friend, who by the way will altogether baby girl to the world tomorrow 12/15/11.

Looks are deceiving, she is not sleeping. She's just closing her eyes from the flash

When Vivibear came along, she slept fairly well through the night as well, so it didnt really apply. Well hqve things changed a bit over the past week. Not sure what is going on, maybe she is made I was posting pictures of her poo online, but she is now waking up mult times throughout the knight, and wont fall asleep without a fight. Maybe this is a normal phase in growing up, but at 5am, when i got to get up in 2 hrs I really want to ask Why the F*K wont you go to sleep.

I have to admit, the brunt of the night time sleepless baby care is performed by “the boss.” Many a morning/night I continue sleeping as the wails of the babe go answered by the matriarch. I really cant complain much considering we are lucky to have Nai Nai (Grandma) here during the weekday to watchover this cute yet unruly chic. EItherway, lack of sleep still sucks. I dont think I have been sleep deprived like this since being on call intern year. Instead of catering the requests of a 37 year old asking for pain medicine, or something to help them sleep in the middle of the night, I have to answer to the demands of a 7 month 3 week old who will not sleep. She’s pretty darn cute though so you have to forgive her.

I just wonder what things will be like in the next few years. She will start talking (back), and walking (running away), as if to “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.” [i think that works right?]

I can already foresee myself facing off with this face in many future confrontations.

"what the f are you looking at?"

All I have to say is bring it! Your cute glare has no affect, okay you can have it…

p.s. Vivienne, just keep in mind I do have pictures of your poo, as well as you dressed up in a penguin outfit, and I will show them to any future boyfriends to be.


As far as a review of the book:

Short read. Unlikely will you find yourself reading this aloud to your child, unless you want to curse are your baby aloud. You get the gist of the whole book in the first page, but it does hold o, so true throughout the sleepless nights.

Conclusion: worth buying as a gift.