60 Day Challenge: The weight out- start to finish.

I have finally reached the end of my 60day Challenge.

People likely don’t really want to see this, but I will post it anyway.

My journey started Last July 2017, where I realized that I was becoming unhealthy and developing the “dad bod.”

With the sleep apnea getting worse, and with MommyMD getting more fit, I figured, CRAP! I gotta fix this. As in my previous posts, what right do I have to tell patients to lose weight if I was just gaining more weight and not eating healthy and not working out?

By the time I started the challenge I was already down about 10 lbs from 7/2017

Below is the essay I had to submit in order to get my “money back”
The 60day challenge was 60$ to participate in, but you can get 60$ credit in “lifetime bucks” to use at the gym if you submit an essay at the end.
This is my essay. I figured I was going to blog about it anyway.

So one of the cools things would be that you could potentially win a fairly large cash prize if you were the “grand prize winner”.
In order to win, people have to vote for you. I think it is based off your before and after photos, before and after stats (weight, body fat), and maybe the essay.

Either way I obviously won’t win that, but I definitely won my goals!


“As a family physician, I tell patient every single day that weight loss, healthy diet, and routine physical activity will significantly improve their lives and prevent future health complications. It may seem like an obvious concept, but it is truly a challenge in practice. With life, children, and work, I also had fallen into the trap of contentment. Slowly gaining weight. Making excuses not to work out. In the pursuit to find a better way to motivate my patients to seek health, I realized that I needed to lead by example.

I had started to track my food intake and started to exercise routinely and was slowly losing weight, but like my patients, I had my share of setbacks. It is very easy to skip a workout day, or not log that donut during lunch. The 60day Challenge gave me an opportunity to engage with a trainer and have a better understanding of what I needed to do in order to attain my goals.

The routine weigh-ins and communication with our trainer helped keep me accountable and motivated to not give up. It was gratifying to see my progress each week. The 60day Challenge introduced me to other group fitness classes, that I would likely never had tried. The “try it” sessions helped acquaint me with the other gym equipment that I would never have braved to try. The other benefit was making new friends. This just makes going to the gym that much more enjoyable. The next big challenge is to stay motivated to sustain my new found health. The problem with most “diets” is that the results are not long lasting. The consistency each week helped establish my workouts an integral and entertaining part of my daily life, rather than just another chore that had to be checked off.

The 60day Challenge helped me make my health a priority in my life, and realize that have no excuse to not be healthy. With this experience, I am better able to relate and appreciate the obstacles that my patients face. I can sincerely tell them that “it’s easier said than done.” I have been trying to utilize the knowledge and experience I gained to motivate others to actively seek health.”


So this is my final END result here:
Overall, I have to say I am pleased with where I am at. I just need to make sure I don’t fall back into the poor diet habbits.

As mentioned in my prior posts, I think I will avoid snake jucing it now. I have found that fasting works well. If you dont eat you will lose weight (duh), but I think my main goal now is to stay healthy, eat healthy. Maybe get amazing abs like S. Devor. #Goals. #noexcuses.

Spring 2018 60 Day Challenge

So I did sign up for the next 60 day challenge, which will start in May. I really dont think I am going to lose much more weight, if I do, it is going to fairly hard.

Maybe I will look like this:

NO EXCUSES. gotta get fit

Here we go again. I was off to a good start this past summer. I haven’t posted on my blog in a while. I have been working hard and dieting well up until this past month. Riddled with a flu like illness, holidays and a back sprain, I have been off my game.

I realized I need to get back in gear. I figure Feb. 1st 2018 is as good of a time as any to reset myself.

Today I will make it a point to track my daily calorie intake, and to MAKE time to be active 6 days a week at least.

I also realized I had not posted on my blog in a while, I forgot all about my previous post. Sure enough Lifetime is having another 60 day challenge.

This time I decided to participate. I mean why not? Money is a great motivator. There is an opportunity to win $10,000! I dont really expect to win, but I have to put in 60$, but I do get that money back at the end in the form of “lifetime Bucks” that I can use at the gym. I also get access to training sessions etc.

I do plan on documenting my progress again from here on. My main hopes is to hopefully motivate others into doing the same.