Poop(ing)! So satisfying yet so smelly.

Censored Image Poop Trials
Censored Image Poop Trials
Per "the boss" demands, images have been censored

So “the boss” has had Vivibear using the baby bjorn toilet for a while now. When we tell other people that we are using a toilet to let Vivi do her business, a common response is “it’s too early to potty train,” “you guys are crazy,” “you are going to cause anxiety issues in the future.” Well thing is we are not “potty training” perse, more so just utilizing our understanding human nature and trying to conserve money on diapers. She cant tell us when she needs to do her business, nor do we expect her to.

The basic concept of what goes in must come out applies. There is the gastro-colic reflex that is innate in animals, where when you eat, you will want to poop. Same idea behind house breaking a pet. When we feed vivi, she is likely to poop within 10 minutes or so. Also when she farts or starts to grimmace, we know she likely will need to poop. Nowadays, she poops about once a day, so it’s easier to gauge.
Another thing we (“the boss” does I suppose I should say) do is set her on the toiler each time she wakes up from a nap, because she likely will need to pee.
When “the boss” is around we really dont have any poop/pee diapers, so now while at home Vivi is using cloth diapers.

Bombs in the Baby Bjorn

Well since “the boss” has been battling a virus of sorts, I was tasked with entertaining and tending to the ViviBear. I will admit my participation with child-rearing is below 50% as of late, but today I got my first Pee and Poop in the baby toilet today! Now this may seem like a trivial accomplishment, but grandma, and mum have had success with this toileting. I felt like I was missing out.
I will admit I did try to cheat. I figured if I pressed on her bladder a few time I could encourage her to pee faster, and I also tried some (OMM) Manipulation, namely mesenteric lift. Who knows if this really helped, but hey, she still plopped down! [boy it stinks, but I guess it is not supposed to smell like roses]. Now I took a photo of this, and was told if I post it, she will be embarassed for the rest of her life. I disagree. I dont think she will remember. Heck, I have taken pictures of my own and am proud of the caliber I can produce. I think she will be happy to have this documented. Shall I post? [i posted it] By the behest of the boss, any potential damaging images had to be removed. I opted to censor them instead. I guess this is for the good of my future relationship with my daughter. I mean, would you really be mad at your dad for pooping up your #2 for the world to see when you were 7 months old?

Penguin Poop Seat
Penguins do everything! Even train you to poo!

On another note, we have been using this BabyBjorn toilet for a while now, but we still have to clean the commode after use. With pee, it was easy. fill with water and pour into the regular toilet, and flush. With the #2, the residual residue is just nasty. I figured it would be time to bring out the Penguin Toilet Cap. We had this on our baby registry and our friend Dr. K, (aka Melen Cantelope) was nice enough to get it for us. Now this rocks. Well maybe kinda creepy. It sings and plays music to encourage “potty time.”

O the joys of being a parent.

Vivi you’ll forgive me one day right?

Penguin Potty Topper