Welcome to the Haughtypenguin Blog

This is probably the 3 iteration of my custom personal blog. I started out with Xanga, tried blogger, did the myspace/friendster thing, went to facebook, tried to go to google+, still using facebook more. Now here we are again. Lets try out wordpress this time.

I am torn with using a custom online journal, since a quandary is how private I want my thoughts. Easiest way to keep the thoughts private enough from the general public is to not publicly blog at all. Alas, I like to share my thoughts with those I consider friends (whether they care to read them or not). So one would think, go ahead and blog. Leave out personal identifying information (dont link your facebook/google+ etc…). Well I did link it. We shall see what happens. I can always deny that I own this blog. Maybe I should stick with the Alias: Jhu Soo Bahk, D.O. I could also just make this private so people that really want to read what I have to say can sign up. Not sure if I want to do that because then no one will ready my rants.

What do I want to do with this? Well my grand scheme is to have a plethera of content from vlogs to blogs.

We shall see if this actually occurs. I mean I purchased this domain name/hosting (haughtypenguin.com) for the past… 10 years now? Have not done much with it, aside from using the webserver to host files that I need. I suppose that was useful. Costly. Unnecessary.  Meh.

Well into the foray of blogging once again.