Day 5: Taipei, in the city

Today we go to Taipei! Only reservation I havevis we will drive there and it’s about an HR drive. Ugh.

Need to work out first. Still doing the 60 day challenge and it’s hard not to eat all the good food.

So after working out I came across this at the local store:

It looks a little familiar

Right Dan Kim?

This “lion’s teeth” seems to be a knock off of Formula O2 devloped by 2 local Ohio guys. It also claims to be a recovery drink of sorts. I tell you it just tastes like diluted juice.

I really do like formula O2, esp the mango. (Go try it)

They waste a lot of sunscreen

After a dizzing car ride with cars cutting us off, sudden stops, we make it to lunch. We have dimsum at brothers hotel (one of my dad’s favorite).

Juju is sad about the dead duckies

We then visit my Grandma’s apartment. Since it’sin Taipei, it’s a ridiculously expensive condo, but as you can see definitely different compared to the on in Tamsui. Frank and I spent many summers here.

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Now to the Living Mall

Vivi has been having about going back here. It used to be a fairly upscale mall, with lots of stores. Over the years it apparently has not done well. Most stores are gone and now replaced with many child play areas.

Check out this massive bounce house.

It was a little sad seeing this place. It was remiscent of what City Center looked like.

The girls were exhausted after 2 hrs of crazy bouncing.

The trip back to Tamsui was rough, long car ride with exhausted kids make for irritable angry kids.

We took a stop at this massive fruit stand

The rest of the night everyone pretty much passed out.

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