Adventure to Taiwan 2019: intercontinental

Not much here. It’s sad not traveling with Vivi and Juju as planned. Though inevitably a crapfest, I was looking forward to it. I had packed a whole roll on bag of snacks. Once I found out about my passport snafu, that obviously was not going to work.Luckily, the girls got to each pack their own. Roller carry on. We upgraded them to these nicer ones (real luggage vs the plush bear backpack).

Bears vsLooking back at last year’s trip definitely leaves a sense of melancholy.
With the fam 2018
2019 “all by myself” -Celion Dion
Well currently I’m in Houston, awaiting to disembark to SFO. From there will be the long haul to the Formosa/China Taiwan/ROC/Taiwan.Made it to the SFO Unite club lounge. Complementary beer and snacks. Should not have had that beer.Now for the 14 hr flight to Taiwan.Fast forward 14 hrs and the eagle penguin has landed.Awaiting customs.The eternal wait...Waiting for the checked bags is always the worst.Finally got it!

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