How to grow a mango from seed

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When I was younger (the day before the net was readily available) I wanted to grow a mango tree. I figured it would be easy to. Plop the seed in the ground and voila. Well it seemed they would usually just rot. Never grew a darn thing. Forget the fact that I live in Ohio. It should still sprout.

Many years later, I decided to try again, and had the great idea to check online. Someone must have tried to do this once before. I found out that the hard shell inside a mango is just a husk. The seed actually is inside . So here are the steps I used to germinate mangoes from a seed.

Mango Seed Husk Step 1. Get mango seed [see the steps I use to eat a mango to get the seed] – link is pending completion of article/pictures –


Seed inside Step 2. Pry open the husk. You may have to scrap away one end to find an opening or to find a place to create an opening.

Remove Seed Step 3. Take seed out and put wash with soap. Hopefully this step will reduce the amount of mold that grow in the water.

Seed in Container Step 4. Place seed in a container and fill with water until seed is submerged.

Germinating Step 5. Place container with mango in a dark warm area. I usually place it on top of my fridge, where it is somewhat hot and dark. Back in my apartment dwelling days I would place it on top of my computer, since the compy usually generates so much heat.

Step 6. You will want to change the water about every other day, to keep the water from molding.

I am currently trying to sprout 6 mango seedlings. I will try to update the status with additional pictures on this post directly.

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