The lone biscuit: O! Where art thou my honey bear?!

The things that should always be together
"One without the other, dont mean nothing to me..."

When it comes to food, I have always felt that certain items were inseparable. One so item being the KFC Biscuit and the Honey packets. Ever since I was a child, I loved Colonel Sander’s biscuits… ONLY with the honey. I enjoyed going to KFC with my dad because we would eat in, and if I forgot to get the honey as we got our order, I could always ask for some. On days such as today, me and MommyMD and VIviBear went through the drive through.

Chicken and BBQ Sauce
just doesnt taste right otherwise

The drive through is always a daunting route to chose. You never really know if you will get the right order, and by the time you get home… heck by the time you drive off, it’s too late to look back. Today being one of those days by the time I got home. I noticed the fatal flaw of our journey… I DID NOT ASK FOR THE HONEY! OMG!@@#$#%@#. Now this doesnt apply only to honey and biscuits, but also to Ketchup and Fries, BBQ sauce and (any) Chicken… etc. etc….

Usually at home we have ketchup, and some form of BBQ sauce so that is not an issue. One thing I dont usually have is honey laying around. Now if you are like my mom and keep ALL packets of anything, I’d have 5 year old honey packets laying around (which I did use back in the day, and am still alive). After going through one too many honey-less biscuit nights, I finally was smart enough to buy a Honey bear. Not only do I get a cute container, but I get the sweet delectable goodness that a Pooh like creature could bear (see what I did there?).

Kethcup and Fries
Catsup and Fries. Otherwise it's just salt and potat.

As I rummaged around my cupboards, and the fridge… alas. NO HONEYBEAR! Now MommyMD tried to calm me down with thoughts such as “o, we can get some tomorrow”. NAY I say. day old biscuits are hard as the X-mas cookies I found at work. (they were some nasty old hard cookies). What naivety. What true lack of appreciation of matches made in heaven… what is meant to be.

Now I know it is my fault for not asking the person for the honey packets, but I thought the attendants at the drive through window is supposed to ask me if I wanted anything else. I cant blame them though, unless they forget to give me parts of my order (as they will, especially at the McDonalds on Sawmill Road). They have messed up my order multiple times. One of the reasons my mom never goes through the drive through. She was always worried they would get her order wrong, either because they may not have understood her, or just because they are going to mess it up.

Back to the topic at hand. Well I had to make due, using butter and some pancake syrup. It allowed for an edible experience, but one far from delectable. I must get another Honeybear. Am I just crazy? or do I just appreciate the finer delicacies in penguinland.

What impassioned matches do you hold dear?



p.s. I finish charting much as I can at work, just so I can spend time to photoshop GIMP images together just for blogging purposes. If I could make a living with my ramblings…

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  1. doh! you could have asked us! we have a honey bear in our cabinet…..although it is old, it was pasteurized (i think???) so any potential botulism spores should have been eliminated!

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