Growing up so fast… to be a couch potato?

Lounging with mommy's PB and J
mmmm, Mommy’s PB and J

I fear the things to come… MommyMD and Vivi were upstairs in the Arena. I came up to see what they were doing, and I see mommy passed out on the ground and ViviBear lounging on the couch. Usually she would not sit so contently by herself. She usually is crawling all over MommyMD or trying to find a way to escape the Arena, or playing with her Toys. Instead, she was sitting on the couch, content. I notice her chopping way. Then I notice a PB and J sandwich in her left hand. This 1-year-old somehow was able to crawl/climb on to the couch, grab MommyMD’s PB and J sandwich, and sit there haughtily eating it. I asked Mommy, “why is Vivi on the couch?” with the reply: “what huh? OMG”.

Piglet and Piglet
ViviBear with her Twin

It appeared that Vivi was enjoying a snack, watching the screen saver on the monitor, while MommyBear slumbered below.

Turns out ViviBear had been utilizing her Piglet (a gift from Nai Nai) as a stepping stool to climb up. It is amazing to me how she has figured out how to manuever obstacles and manipulate her surroundings to her advantage. I’ve witnessed her slide/crawl off the bed and couches… I suppose this is abilities of a 1-year-old? I should know I suppose.

 I do fear what she will be doing next now. Before I know it she will be taking my car and driving off…

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